About Us

We keep it simple. We deliver excellent, efficient, hassle free IT.

We love helping you reduce cost, make the most of your IT investment, improve and maintain its performance – so you can do what you love and get on with your business. Simply contact us and an expert WOT-LINK consultant will do the rest.

Our health check analyses your existing IT infrastructure – your email, file management and storage, software apps, backup systems and more. We assess your total current IT spend and the functionality your business needs. We seek out the best cloud solution and applications for you. We deal, on your behalf, with the multitude of offerings available.

If you’re a brand new business – don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll set you up for success from day one with grief free IT.

WOT-LINK is product independent so your consultant will present the options available, help you make an informed decision to best suit your organization, and manage the next steps for you.

With WOT-LINK you’ll get the most out of the applications, features and functions you select because we manage your cloud based systems for you.  Just as a doctor keeps patient records, we maintain detailed client notes – so the IT health of your business and its security is constantly monitored and optimised.

Our kitbag of policies, procedures and checklists also ensure your team is well supported.As part of the monthly service Hyperlink Your Office Pro includes unlimited IT support.

It's like having your own IT specialist on call whenever you need them – and they’re available 24 hours/7days a week.